Ladies Wot Tech

Last night I attended the first {?} Ladies Wot Tech evening organised
by the fantastic Emma Cooper and hosted at the last minute by the Forum. Now, I like to think of
myself as a bit of a geek at times, but last night my geekiness and levels of
knowledge of anything were put massively to shame by all the speakers who were not only ridiculously
diverse, but were all pretty cool and had some fabulous jobs too. The night coincided
with it being International Women’s Day too, so you know, we had some girl power
 serious wine drinking going on too.

We learnt about the amazing things that Zebrafish can do for
medical science, {and saw some Disco Fish} from Caroline. Seriously, these fish can
be used for what seems like an unlimited number of uses – and they grow so fast
{I think the video was 3-4 days and the fish went from egg to fish!}you can
see! Then Stella talked us through her journey to her position as a social
media manager, and showed us the importance of telling a story to hook your
audience. Libby at S1 Chiropractic brought along a spine and showed us the
different ways everything in your life impacts on your body. Helen Miller introduced
me to the UK Online Centre’s
scheme that helps get people online and raised some really interesting points
about how not being able to use the internet causes a schism in society. Chella
raised some laughs {and made one attendee I saw look aghast} with her
discussion about ‘that time of the month’, her zine Adventures In Menstruating  and brought everyone’s attention to the ugly
bin’s in loo’s. And finally, Tracey from Creative Barnsley spoke to us about
the Geek Girl Dinners {#ggdsoyo} that they host in Barnsley.

But, and maybe this is more important, we all had a few
hours out with like-minded, slightly geeky ladies, drinking wine and
discovering that the Chinese bakery up the street do amazing cakes that ‘don’t taste
weird like French cakes do’. 

If you’d like to find out any more about the Ladies Wot Tech group there is a facebook page, or the events of last night can be seen {including some phone pic’s from us all} by following the #SheffIWD tag on twitter. 

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