Just the two of us {almost, nearly}

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The housemate gave us some fantastic news last week. He is moving out. And of his own accord {well almost, he may have had some subtle hints from our friends, but shhhhhhhh}. He moves out at the end of December, but I wont go into where he is moving to too much as I think it might be a crack den,and it scares me.  

And not only does it mean that the boy and I get to live together, just us, but it means we get more space in the kitchen cupboards {say hello, baking cupboard}, we I get one less person to nag into cleaning, all of his habits will leave with him and, most most most importantly, we get a spare room, which means we can have more friends to stay and they won’t have to sleep in the living room!
A, quirky, attic spare room. But a room that I get to decorate, ‘how ever I want’ I am told. Can you see where I may be going with it by that image above? Think white and turquoise and wood. I can’t wait to get started up there, and it’ll give me a project whilst the boy is away in India again in February and March. All I have been told is that it needs to house a desk for his computer!

I’ve only been up there once, but if I recall the {steeeeeeeeep} stairs come up in the middle of one wall, the bed fits against the one opposite, it’s got a little alcove where the window is, which I am hoping will fit a desk perfectly, and on the other side of the room there are a couple of odd cupboardy, wardrobey things with a cubby behind them, which would be great for storing all our big things that probably shouldn’t be in the cellar – I bet it would look fab with a pretty curtain in front of it. It needs a new floor {one day} and maybe a carpet – although some white painted floorboards would do me fine. And definitely a lick of paint. And the thing it’ll need more than anything else, especially as I am guessing it hasn’t been cleaned in about 3 years, is a very good disinfecting and airing! 


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