I dont know if you know this but my brother and his lovely girlfriend own a bar in the village/area {?} that they live in. They took it over in late February and it seems to be going really well. 
This weekend I was tasked with photographing some of their food for the website {a website I am creating – but being no technical wizz it’s going to be super simple – I am using Moonfruit at the moment, but does anyone know of anything else I should use?}. 

It was a tough job. Not least because most of the food was whipped away so the staff could eat it. I did manage to get a fork and eat the amazing coconut and lemon cake before it was taken away from me – my mum makes it for the bar so I think I was entitled to a slice!

Here is a sneak peak of what I’ll be putting on the site; 

The pictures still need a little work yet – these are the SOOC ones – as I dont have Photoshop at the moment, I am using Picnic through Flickr to edit them, which isn’t the quickest process. But I don’t think they turned out that badly did they? 

You can see the full set here if you’re at all interested. 


  1. Those photos are fab and I'm so impressed that they are SOOC. And the food itself is making my mouth water – especially that cake.

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