The jingle of jewellery.

A while ago I stumbled across this blog, and this post.
Besides having great style, the model has the greatest jewellery collection. I fell in love right away with those bangles.
I have to admit I am kind of jealous of them.

What a beautiful idea. A bangle, with a peace of advice, or a caring note, for each birthday. Her mum makes all the bangles for her daughters, but if you wanted to get something like this, then Etsy seems like the obvious place to turn doesn’t it. I managed to find a number of sellers who have the same sort of ideas;

I love both these bangles from Magic in the Grass.
Nikki is having a baby so she is away from her store right now,
but she is Leeds based etsy-er, so that kind of makes this seller even better, I think.
You can see her work in her sold items.

I like the way this bangle from PolyesterStella fastens at the back.
Super cute and a little different.

And this bangle from FireweedImpressions would mean those little words of wisdom could stay secret. Hidden from the outside world.

This is definitely something I have popped in my brain for a time I can put it to use.

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