J’aime la neige

One of my old dryslope snowboarding
buddies, Zoe, left for a season recently and the only thing that’s keeping me from turning green with envy is the fact we’re all booked to go visit her later this month, and there is chat of a girls trip in April to see her too. Girls snowboarding trips are the best, they’re basically an excuse to eat loads of cheese and pastries and take sly peeks at the boys – y
ou might think I am crazy but boys in snowboarding gear just make me swoon {don’t tell the boy, but it’s one of the reasons I made him start riding}

naturally, it has me thinking about all the new gear I really HAVE to have,
but, lets face it, really don’t need and definitely can’t afford, but, oh my, how beautiful is that board.  

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I think I’d look pretty swish on the hill in this, don’t you? 

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