Irrational dislikes of late

I have a massive case of irrational dislike at the moment and it’s not going anywhere – I fully blame Jim because he gets so comically worked up at little things (this morning he was irate about the fact the amazon locker wouldn’t fit a bottle of rum in it), but I swear it’s rubbing off on me more than it used to do – it’s only taken eight years I guess!

I know I shouldn’t hate these things as much as I do, but every time they pop up in my life, on a social feed, they just make me mad and it’s getting worse.

Here are my dislikes of late; 

  • How Hygge everything has become. Just piss off back to 2008 will you. It’s a bloody blanket and a candle. It’s winter. That’s what we do in winter!
  • Those bendy leg / coffee cup / duvet flatlay type shots EVERYONE seems to take these days. We get it, you styled your bed for 30 minutes for this shot and put your new PJ’s on and had your boyf hand you the drink at the last minute. Chill out. 
  • British people instagramming ‘fall’. It’s autumn you twits. AUTUMN. 
  • Dog walkers who pick up their dogs poop and then hang it on a tree. You’ve done half the work, but you’ve actually polluted the environment by leaving the bag! Well done!
  • The neighbours ‘kids’ rediscovering fireworks. It is a joyful time every year, especially when they fire them into our garden! 
  • Fox poo season. Dog walkers everywhere will understand this. Our two monsters find all the poop in the park, woods, where ever we are and roll in it with glee! Look how happy Melle is rolling in shit up there. 
What little things are driving you mad right now? 

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