Last Sunday I headed up to Leeds with what seemed like 80% of the bloggers in Yorkshire for an ‘Introjuicing’ event put together by Joe Blogs and Curry’s at a space called Lamberts Yard – somewhere that didn’t exist when I left Leeds! The city has changed so much!

The plan was to learn a bit about juicing and do some yoga which sounded like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon – mostly as having had a juicer since June, I’ve not managed to make a juice that doesn’t just taste of none de-script fruit (I am aware this is because I’ve just been throwing every fruit I had in the house through it all at the same time!)

And my plan was achieved. Not only did I leave with a recipe card from NutriShan of awesome juices to make, but I met some wonderful people, found out through the Rocket Yoga taster that my stomach muscles are still there underneath the cake I’ve eaten recently (I’ve also remembered that I loved going to yoga and booked myself onto some classes at the gym) and learnt a few things I didn’t know about juicing……..for instance – did you know that you can put lime, with their skin on, through the juicer? And that if you put a whole plum (stone and all) in a juicer it’ll start a little fire in said juicer (as one of our group found out), or that beetroot will make everything taste like dirt……but in a good way? I also found out that gluten free bread is not bread – in fact it is not suitable for human consumption – gluten frees – you should just avoid it! 

And as the juicers we used on the day were the same as the one we have at home it made it easy to get started on the day but also it means I’ve been able to hit the ground running and I’ve been spending a small fortune on fruit and veg to pulp now!
But here are just a few more shots from the afternoon for you;


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