Instagrid – week 3

Linking up with the Instagrid party over at & everything nice
1. Flash – looking fly in his new {and now filthy} harness. 2. Flowers from the neighbours. 3.light reading. 4.Tramlines. 5. Tramlines crew. 6. The Washington {Tramlines}. 7. Raving grannies {Tramlines}. 8. Kettlebells – oucheeee. 9. Family portrait.

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  1. I seriously can't get enough of your dog. What books are reading? I need some new books to read. I've been wanting to try kettlebells. are they a lot different than dumb bells? Thanks for linking Em!

    1. Aw thank you.
      I am reading 'the girl witht he pearl earring' for bookclub, and i have 'A week in december' by Sebastian Faulks to read, WW2 by Anthony Beevor and Susannah Convays – 'This I know' sat waiting. WW" will be a pick it up, read a chapter, put it down affair though.
      And i have never done dumb bells – but kettlebells are nasty! 900 cals a workout though! x

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