I want a bike

Bike Pinboard

Forever I have wanted a bike. {I think you might get the idea what sort of bike I want.} 
The boy has said that I should get one when I move. I am not sure if he quite understands the type of bike that will eventually be sat outside his house, but he’s agreed to it now. hehe. 

I have blogged before about this bike from Electra – and after much pinning I am pretty sure that it’s the one of my dreams. Now just to find a spare £500. {oh why oh why do I have such expensive tastes?}


  1. I have a bike. An expensive, full suspension mountain bike that the husband talked me into. I feel like a total poseur when I ride it because, let's face it, I am just not that hard core.

    Your dream bike is much more my style.

  2. Bailey – I hope I get it soon, just as soon as I find a lot of money sitting about 😉 maybe a lottery win?

    Keenie – I ought to get a mountain bike with all the hills i'll have to contend with, but this is soooooooo much prettier.

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