Travel: I left my heart in Cornwall

A long long time ago I left me heart in a corner of Cornwall and now I have to return regularly just to check it’s still beating. Last week was my annual check up and its still beating strong, and leaving was harder than ever! 
We spent some time on the boat in the sunshine and the wind and rain. I’m still not 100% sure Flash loves being on the boat but he’s getting better at it, it just takes him some time to get used to the ground moving beneath his feet I think. 
We popped round to the Helford River for lunch on the boat and a little walk on the beaches I spent half my childhood holidays on, and icecream too! We ate icecream. Lots of it. Flash got to be captain of his own boat! We slept on board too – which was a first for Flash and Jim. 
We spent a lot of time eating amazing seafood – we’ve been trying to visit the Wheelhouse for the longest time and finally we got in (thanks to my parents regular visits). It didn’t disappoint at all either. It’s a crazy, noisy, mismatched heaven of seafood. I had prawns, crab and scallops and they were all absolutely delicious. And they were more than happy for Flash to sleep under the table which is always a plus. 
We also took a trip across the River Fal to the Roseland Peninsula to Portscatho, another of my childhood holiday haunts. One of the beaches there is dog friendly too so we took Flash for his first proper summery beach trip to Towan Beach (he’s used to the pebble beaches around Mylor) and whilst it was sunny, I found out the hard way it wasn’t swimming in the sea weather after I tried to rescue a tennis ball! 
I haven’t been back to Portscatho since I was 18, and it’s so comforting to see that it hasn’t changed very much since I was last there – just had a few cool additions of little cafes and coffee shops.
Looking out over the turquoise sea made me wonder why we would ever leave.  
Sorry for the picture heavy post – there are about 4000 more of them in my dropbox! Oooops. 
Where we stayed – We camped at Tregunwith Farm. 
We’ve stayed there for the last few years and it’s nice enough. It’s just a campsite really. It’s a short drive to the yacht harbour and a 10 minute walk back from Mylor village. We do tend to use the showers and stuff at the yacht club though, just because they are nicer and there are more of them. But there are a couple of barns on site too. 
Where we ate – we always head down to the Pandora Inn when we’re in Mylor, it’s always served us excellent food, has some great local beers on and is dog friendly (like most places are tbh). There is a nice, informal restaurant at the yacht harbour called Castaways for dinner or drinks and recently a new cafe – Cafe Mylor opened for breakfast and lunch. We had eggs beni and a full cornish there at least once on the trip. Lunches on the boat usually involve salads or pasties from the butchers in Mylor. Our favourite meal was in the Wheelhouse which is down a little passageway in Falmouth centre. It can be booked two weeks in advance so if you are planning on going down, book in advance!

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