The house with the blue door

{This is not OUR blue door. This is a pretty blue door I found on Flickr by KMan999}

Yesterday my friend Sarah and I went to see a flat.

We have been flat hunting or the last month or so, and it’s been a little stressful, we saw a few horrors {teenie tiny bedrooms, grotty carpets and bathrooms that well, even thinking about them makes my skin crawl}, and then all the nice ones we wanted to see were snapped up right before we viewed them – the area of Leeds we want to live in is, it seems, a hotbed of renting activity. Plus our needs just didn’t fit the bill of most places – Sarah has furniture, I don’t. It was a problem.

But yesterday we went to see a lovely place, it’s in a lovely old converted house, on it’s own little private estate, with plenty of grass, and places for friends cars {and with a little research on Leodis, I have found out, used to be vicarage.}
The flat itself is all newly refurnished, and it’s got maybe the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen, 2 big bedrooms and a lovely living space that most importantly, we can fit Sarah’s super comfy sofa in to.

And it has a beautiful blue door.
I can not wait to move in.

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