House Tour – Part One {for Lizzy}

I promised Lizzy I would keep her updated on my house progress so why not update this space too?  
And I think I’ll start with my dressing-definitely-not-a-craft-room first, as, well, this is the room that I did first. 
We decided early on in my moving in process that with the massive Ikea bed the boy had and the not so massiveness of the room we were moving in to, that having a wardrobe in the bedroom wasn’t an option, so we took over the box room that was being used as a spare room. 
In the interests of a speedy move the room has stayed the same white is was painted. 

So now the room houses a wardrobe, which is just about big enough for all of our ‘needs hanging’ clothes {I have the big side – as if there would be any question on that matter}, next to it is a little make-up/hair-straightening area for me to make myself pretty along with this {very dirty – oooops} mirror and some storage. Those boxes on the top, right now, are full of either my fabric and random craft supplies, or all that random crap that you have to keep but just don’t quite know where it goes.  

Make up, hair stuff, glasto hat, cath kisdton crockery that I am too scared to get out whilst the boys housemate is still here….

I have a feeling that when the boy returns from India this corner of this room will be a godsend for us both, especially as he just rolls out of bed 10 minutes before he need to leave and it takes me, hmmmmmmmm, a good 3 weeks to get ready every day! Now I have somewhere to do it that won’t disturb him!

The other side of this little room was expertly put together by my dad. On the day he came to Leeds with the van to move me we went to IKEA for the shelves {an experience I imagine he wont be repeating again soon, not after all the ‘is it not the end of the shop YET?’s I heard – and we took the short cuts!}. I’ve had these Lack shelves before and like the way they looked in my old old house, so I went with them. I had planned to have a desk in the room, but after a bit of measuring {the room really isn’t very wide}  I abandoned the idea of a desk, bought some £3 desk legs and, well, daddy drilled them in to the bottom of the shelf and it’s now a narrow desk. Just wide enough for a laptop, my sewing machine and my most importantly – my crafting stuff. 

sewing machine, magazine stacks, crafting supplies and pretty much everything else that I brought to the house and I think is beautiful.

At the moment the shelves house more nic-nacs than I would like, as there aren’t the places around the house for them yet, but I hope that over time the pretty things will disappear from these shelves to the rest of the house and be replaced by stacks of fabric, essential crafting supplies and books! I could also do with a proper chair, but my little stool will do for now, so I can’t complain. And, yes I will need some new curtains, but since these work for now, they can stay. Oh, and I am thinking – just thinking – of painting the wall behind the shelves a bright turquoise. But that is just a thought right now….. So what do you think?

And this is just so you can see how boxy the box room is. Not a lot of space at all!


  1. Oh I think you have done really well with the room – I absol love your little crafty area, gotta love DIY Daddy's lol! I really like that storage unit that you can write on with chalk – so cute 🙂

  2. Ooooh – I lurve house tours. I think you've done a fab job of taking a tiny space and making it very functional, and cute to boot!

  3. Aw thank you guys. I dont think it's bad for an evenings work really.

    Nic, the drawers are just the bog standard ikea numbers {bought in my first year of uni to house makeup} with a bit of blackboard paint on them, but I love how it turned out.

  4. i LOVE it Em!!! You have done so well, and the tiny space looks so neat and tidy (yet so multi-functional ;-b). Re the turquoise… erm… YES?!

    I am also loving the blackboard-painted drawers, you clever girl you! xxx

  5. I thought you might say yes to the turquoise Liz.
    I think i might do it soon. those shelves come off the wall in a flash! watch this space. x

  6. Yes to turquoise! Also love the blackboard drawers (what a fab idea) and the hot pink sewing machine. It must be so nice to have your own space!

  7. Lizzy, I have no idea what J would do if he came home to turquoise wardrobes too. Although the wardrobe might need replacing, he is complaining he doesn't have enough space in it – what? that's a lie. it's just that all his clothes are clean……
    well that's my story and I am sticking to it

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