Hoping for a lottery win

The other day I received an email from Lizzie pointing me towards the amazing hats at Anthropologie. She is the devil woman for this. Seriously. Evil.
I have so little no spare cash this month and there she is waving beautiful hats in front of my face. She knows I love a good hat, maybe, dare I say it, more than a pretty shoe. Quite frankly it’s just rude.

But just in case she somehow finds the time to get herself to Anthro, I thought she might like to know which of these stunning hats to purchase for me, and for her! I am just guessing here, but I imagine those bottom too are ones she would not only pick, but also look stunning in. She works the 1920’s so well! 

Talking of Liz, you NEED to see the beautiful pictures she has been taking of her barely a month old son Brody, with her newly purchased Canon 450d. 
I was just overwhelmed when a received a picture postcard she had not only set up, but shot herself – it could be studio work! 


  1. 😀

    I like the top 2 hats best though!!!!!!!! Maybe we could do a hat-share on them….. I will put my 6 lucky numbers on tomorrow.

    Am so so glad you liked those piccies – means a lot as everyone knows you are Mrs Photography Guru. I have lots of qu's for you for when we meet up!


  2. Oh no.
    I honestly thought you'd like the bottom two……esp the one with the flowers!
    But yes – let's start a hat share! xx

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