A few glimpses of our new home;

Our amazing blue door.

The worlds comfiest sofa


Just a few of my books


Jems & Jewels

A world of scarves


We have been in the flat just over a week now.We have spent the last week learning to live with one another, our routines and habits and figuring out how to work this and that and where all the glasses we own should go, and how we should make the place pretty.
We still have some way to go, but it’s getting there


  1. Wow, fab photos. What camera are you using to take these? I am thinking about upgrading to a digital SLR.

  2. Thanks Darren.
    It's just a old, beat up, canon 400d. Some of the pics are with the kit lens as I needed more (or less) zoom, but the ones with the bokeh are taken with the excellent 50mm! If you go slr, you have to splash out on one!

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