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My super cool friends and the lovely nice people behind Holgarama – Phil and Katie – are running a superb competition at the moment to win a ‘Holga Super Kit’

I could paraphrase what the competition entails, but I think that Phil has done a pretty good job himself so here are the details on how you can enter –

Want to win a 120CFN/GCFN Super Kit? Simply by putting up a link to our site?

The super kit includes either a 120GCFN or 120CFN (your choice) two rolls of film, batteries electrical tape plus the colour, soft suround, and split image filter sets. All you need to do is put a link to http://www.holgarama.com up on a website that belongs to you, like a blog. It doesn’t have to be new, and it doesn’t have to be permanent (though obviously we would love it to be). It can be a text or an image link.

We will be giving away two Super Kits, there will be a random draw from everyone who enters, and also whoever’s link sends use the most unique visitors (according to Google Analytics) in the month of September will also win.

The Competition ends on the 1st October.

To Enter simply E-mail Us with the url of the page where you have put the link and your name, before the end of the month. As long as the link is there when we check (which could be anytime in september) you will be entered into the draw.

Please note, you have to own or run the site where you place the link, links on facebook/twitter/forums and other social networking sites won’t count. However blogs hosted on sites you don’t own are fine, eg blogspot, tumblr, etc. If you are unsure then ask us on twitter (@holgarama_co_uk) before you enter.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website! There will be a competition in October that you can all enter.

You should all follow them on Twitter and Facebook too as they run some ace competitions throughout the year too and just generally spout some great Holga chat. 

P.s. Yes there is a link to their site on my site. If you like them, I’d pop up a link too. Share and share alike you know……..

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