Holga Love

At some point last summer my trusty Holga started to die. It might have had something with the fact I decided to Plastikote it bright blue, it might have been years of being thrown in to handbags/rattling round cars/festivals or trips sailing. What ever it was, first off the flash died {which considering it was the CFN, the one with the colour flash, was annoying} and then after an incident with some beer it stopped winding on very well and that really hindered it’s performance – although i did get some decent double and triple exposures! But all of this told me it was time for a new one. 

And isn’t he beautiful. 

I went with the 120CFN again, because I love the coloured flash on a night shot, and I sampled a 35mm one, but I just LOVE the big, square negs and prints {although I do still have my 35mm adaptor, somewhere!} If you can’t tell I got it from Holgarama {I thought they might appreciate my little bit of branding I did with the sticker they sent me}. Seriously – if you want a Holga, they’re the place to go. The new site has a buyers guide which is something I wish I’d had when I first bought, and they’re based in the UK so you’re supporting a local business, and there is no hefty VAT charge when your camera finally arrives from China {yes, I did get stung, but it was 2007, so I’m over it now. Promise.} 

Now, I just have to resist the urge to get the spray paint out on this one again!

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