Hello May

Oh my goodness. April was a terrible bloggy month for me wasn’t it. 4 posts. 4. Thats a new low I think. But I am finding it so hard to concentrate these days and as odd as this might sound I don’t have much free time to sit at my computer. 
But I am here now, and with another 1 Second Everyday video, because whilst I might not be able to concentrate to write blog posts, I have got the brain capacity to take a 1 second video every day. So, that’s something. Right?

And on to the video. April has consisted of daily trips to Weston Park Hospital. Bless my parents, they are taking most every day too! There were countryside walks, visits from Jim’s mum, visits to Leeds, there was jewellery to make and a garden to make over. There was snow and sunshine and a telling off from the radiotherapy nurses about catching the sun. There were some early nights to combat the radiotherapy fatigue that envelopes my body. And there were a LOT of hot flushes. There was random music during treatment. And there were many walks with the dogs.  

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And now on to May. So 3/4’s of the month will be spent on holiday, which is amazing and I am super excited about it. Not only because it’s going to be fun, but going away means that my treatment will be over! I’ve got some veggies to plant this week, Jim’s sister is over too before we head awayand I’ve got some other bits in the pipeline that I can’t really chat about yet. I was hoping to have a post treatment celebration with my friends but I very much doubt that will happen! 

What have you got planned for the month? 

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