Hello March

I can’t quite believe that I’ve managed to complete 2 months of 1 Second Every Day. Honestly, it’s a small miracle to me that I’ve remembered to do it. I must be in a better video frame of mind these days. Although it is mostly videos of the dogs, but I guess that reflects the month I had – I spent a lot of time hanging out with those cuties.
February was mostly dog walks, some home improvements, my 5th chemo, I started a jewellery making course, started planning an alternative trip to America, saw friends and went on a little weekend trip to France – I’ll share some photos from it next week! 
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Now, on to March – I’ll be celebrating the fact I’ll be finishing chemo on the 6th – and recovering from it. And I’ll be starting radiotherapy at the end of the month. It’s Flash’s 5th birthday, and my Dad’s 70th in the same weekend to celebrate. I’ve got a few days lined up seeing friends. And a lot of healthy eating to do.  Nothing too ground breaking but I think it might be just the month I need!

What are you planning to do? 

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