I signed up to the wonderful @skinblisterblog‘s #heartswap last month –  and since the boy was away for Valentines Day it seemed the perfect plan to get more gifts on the big day! I absolutely loved putting my package together and I was so excited to see what I’d received, but
first, I thought I might post what I sent out.

When I signed up I was asked
to fill out some details about things I love to let my swapee know a little
about me, and in return I got the same details about someone else. When the
email arrived I was thrilled to find out that I’d be sending a gift to the super talented Lisa

I took her likes (chocolates, bubble baths, walking, laughing, reading, post, candlelight, green, making stuff), and tried to cover all bases, whilst making sure they fitted in a postable box. So I included a little home made heart shaped chocolate bark, set in a cookie cutter (so she can reuse it), a pink hearty soap, a pretty candle, some super cute buttons, some fun note paper (and one of my favourite pens) and a little green hanging heart. 
I had always planned to include my favourite book and seeing as Lisa loves reading this worked really well, so I included Those who save us – which was one of one of my favourite books from last year (and randomly Lisa’s off to Germany soon, so even better!)
And to finish it all off, I made a card with an origami heart made out of a walking map of Sheffield – I am not sure it’d be much use now, but it worked!

What do you think? Hearty

And now, here to my little

My present came from Fay of Food Fables (check out her blog  – she’s part of a food penpals thing….super cool!)
{Sorry about the picture – it looked better on my phone}

Carob and peanut butter dog treats which the puppy went MAD for.
Delicious homemade lavender shortbread. 
And all the ingredients to make Nigella’s boozy rum hot chocolate which I haven’t made yet as it’s been decided we’ll save it for our snowboarding holiday.
And one of the most perfect bits – homemade marshmallows which are like little pillows of wonderfulness – I’ve attempted to make marshmallows before and they were nothing like this. 

I could not be happier with my swap package and neither could Flash – he is great at begging when there are tasty treats about and he has been seriously begging for these. And if you’d like to get all the recipes that Fay used to create these wondrous foodie goods, she has blogged about them here on her post #heartswap not heartbreak. I

Also if you want to see the goodies that the other #Heartswapers got, you can see all the instagrams here and read all the tweets from the swap here {isn’t this just the best hashtag collecting service? Love that Anna found it for our tweets}

I had such fun putting this swap together that I’m searching for the next one. 


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