Glasto Bound

The important things are packed – tickets and booze {don’t worry, that is a lot of people’s alcohol right there – I am not about to kill my liver! Well, I am, but not with THAT much booze.}

And I also have a huge bag full of clothes I more than likely wont wear, or need.
And some fantastic eyelashes – which I WILL wear and WILL need!

I shall see you on the other side, when I have spent 6 days living in a field with my friends and had the chance to do some catching up with other friends, see some amazing bands, and generally will have had the best time. I know that already. It doesn’t even need to happen for me to be sure about it!

By then I’ll have completed No. 24 and have a new home.
Exciting times ahead.

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  1. Bristol is full of people heading out there at the moment; I saw hundreds of ruck sacks and pop up tents at the train station yesterday. Have fun and drink some Brothers for me. (I'll be watching on TV, so it'll lack atmosphere but there will at least be the comfort of indoor plumbing.)

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