Glasto 2011 – Your Help Is Required

This year’s Glasto line up

I have worked out that I have 11 working days {Woooohoooo} left until I shall be heading down to Glastonbury. But that’s only 15 full days. 15 days! Which right now does not seem like enough time to get myself sorted. At all.

And whilst my wardrobe choices might be taking precedence {can the weather please just let me know what it’ll be doing so I know if I should be taking things that go with my wellies or my pumps please – on that note – fashionistas – would a little black sequin skirt go with navy blue wellies?  just in case like.} I have been taking a little time to think about who and what to see, and where to go. Last year I think I saw almost all the people I wanted to, ate some amazing food, watched more football than I have in a long time {1 1/2 games!} drank a LOT of Gin and Juice and walked what felt like a thousand miles. But we barely made it to the late night areas {what with constantly having to stop to find people who were too spannered to follow us properly} and there was soooooooo much of the festival we just didn’t cover in the day time, so I am trying to plan {?} who to see, what to do and where to go.

Obviously I have my Clashfinder on the go – {my choices at the moment should be highlighted} but who in your opinion do I just-have-to-no-bones-about-it go and see? And who do you think will be a bit meh? {just so you know I shall be avoiding U2, Coldplay, Kaisers and Pendulum – you may like ‘em, but they REALLY aren’t my kind of thing} oh, and would you go and see Beyonce or QOTSA on the Sunday night?  I am totally torn – little bit of cheesy pop, or something a little harder?

And what about the rest of the festival – where are your favourite places to eat? Is there an area that you think I need to get my ass to? what are your must visit locations? Is there something I should try and experience? I am going to be making notes of these Glasto must do/eats from Jilly’s blog – but any of your suggestions will be gladly received. 


  1. I hardly ever make it to the late night areas. As there isn't a festival next year I'm determined to make the most of this one! NO SLEEP. Haha.

    Things I like to eat: The tartaflette from Le Grande Bouffett. Pieminister. Nachos Grande from Pura Vida. Jerk chicken near Cube Henge.

  2. Helen, one of our party tried to move the campsite to the Park – but it has been overturned as we normally camp by the Dance Village is near the Shack and the Jerk Chicken……
    I shall try and have at least the tartiflette and the nacho's. Yum yum tum.
    If you want no sleep, camp near us – trust me you wont get any 😉

  3. Dairy Ground camping for me. Has been for the last 3 years and it's blissful. No wankers and sleep if you want it.

    Those nachos will delight you. Seriously.

    Also, there's a place that does AMAZING milkshakes. Any flavour you want. Somewhere near Jazzworld.

    Ha, I am so vague.

  4. The boys have camped in the wicket fields for ages then it became family camping, but we camped in the new area by Gate A last year and we had so much space it was ace. The boys are getting down on wednesday am to set up camp too so i think we will have again!

    I predict a 'eat your way round glasto' challenge coming on amongst my friends.

    Experienced falafal for the first time last year and i'm addicted now, so all new eating is welcome….

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