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Whilst I love where we live, escaping from Sheffield is one of my favourite things to do and I really don’t do it nearly enough. I am a big believer in making sure that I’m fully prepared for the trip though and love buying new things to take away with me. Havign the perfectly packed travel bag is a big must for me……
I have a deep love for this Escape bag from Southwood Stores. I really don’t need another travel bag, but oh my, I want this one so much. 2. Have you ever been on a long journey or an early flight that’s meant you’ve had 2 hours sleep the night before and not been able to sleep because your head flops all over the place? Well, I have and I hate that feeling of not being able to rest. This neck pillow scarf seem to be the perfect solution. It holds your head up and keeps you warm! 3. I adore this passport cover from Nikki McWilliams. I mean biscuits are essential travel accessories right. 4. I know that you can’t take a full water bottle through customs, but you need to stay hydrated and a super cute bottle is a must. Plus this S’well bottle keeps drinks cold for 24hrs and is fine for fizzy drinks so your G&T will travel perfectly. 5. How cool are these crumpled city maps. You can screw them up and push them in your pocket or bag without worrying about ruining it! This is like my dream as I am the worst with keeping maps readable! 
Right, what are your travel essentials? What do we all need to be taking on our next trip? 

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