Gifts to myself

You know I posted about the Besotted Brand shop I mentioned
a few weeks ago? Well, you should know that when payday arrived the first thing
that I did was place an order {in fact I placed the order the night BEFORE
payday because Paypal always take their sweet time to get the money}. And 9
days later, which from the US of A is pretty fast I think, my little present to
myself arrived. And don’t presents to yourself feel much more like pressies when they are wrapped up like them? 

Of course I got the anchor. And the ‘hello’ and ‘handmade’ also made their way into my basket. I mean if I am already paying the postage, I might as well make use of it right? And they will be super useful, what with all the gifts I am making.

And Miss B threw in some other unexpected goodies – i beautiful stamped gift tag, craft heart stickers, 2 more little stamps {‘thank you’ and a ‘just a little note’} and importantly, some ink so I could play right away.

People in my life, you ought to expect pretty much everything you receive from now on to have the shit stamped out of it. So what if I have made you nothing. So what if you hate the ocean and anchors {more fool you btw}. EVERYTHING will be stamped. Get used to it!

*Please forgive the images, there appears to be no natural light during my at home hours any more, so they are all orange and yellow. 


  1. Aww they look really cool. I Have a stamp that we got for our wedding invites with our initials on – totally could stamp everywhere with it, it gets so addictive!

  2. If you stamp it everywhere then it could be like your family branding. how cool would that be – having your own brand? x

  3. wowie, i love your little "selfish" present i need one of them soon!!
    Ive just seen you've signed up for Hello friend competition me too, i hope we are matched i love your style
    Amie & Orla x x

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