Gift Guide – Snow Bunny

Buying snow gear is one of my favourite activities. I love it. Even if I don’t have any trips planned I can still spend hours looking at new gear. Buying cosy mountain clothes and accessories can never get old, and no matter what Jim tells me you really do need different beanie and pair of goggles to match your outfits.  
1. I adore these SunGod Googles. There are loads of options to customise them which means you can get them in the best colours to match your outfit. Yes. That’s what people do. They match their googles to their outfits! 2. Awesome thermals are a must. The key to being happy on the slopes are layer layers layers – and afternoon beers and mountain snacks. 3. To keep the mountains and the snow with you all year round these hand embroidered hoops are just adorable. 4. I need to confess something – I have a beanie addiction. The more beanies, the better in my eyes. I love this colour combo on this beanie. Its so 80’s Pony trainers! 5. If you go near the snow then you need a pair of these bad boys. Yaktrax are so functional you might not want to gift them but they are awesome and as we got them as a gift, we both have a pair. You pop them over your shoes and you can still wear your completely snow inappropriate Converse no matter how icy the floor might be.

If you’ve got a snow lover in your life, what are your must have gifts for them?

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