The Gaslight Anthem

If you haven’t already heard of/listened to the Gaslight Anthem then I think you really have to go out and do so. 
Here they are on Spotify, and also on
I went to see them at the academy in Leeds last night and they were amazing. They played for an hour, which I thought was a little short, but then they came back on for over an hour and played an amazing encore, complete with a track that included a string accompaniment and my favourite track – Here’s looking at you kid
What really surprised me where the numbers of ‘old’ people in the audience {you know, because 29 IS young, right?} but I mean grey hair and retired old – dad old. I thought it would be all young kids and we’d be the oldies – maybe the appearances with Bruce have opened them to a wider audience? 
And, ah, I wish that i’d have known we were on the balcony and I’d have rocked up with my DSLR and my 300mm lens. As it was, I had my P&S which is pretty bad at low light and distances so the shots i have are grainy like the one above…….
So, I am going to leave you with this vid from Youtube and tell you to go and listen to some more………

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