From the weekend

When I wasn’t trying to ignore the failing’s of my friends relationship, I spent the last weekend in Manchester.

We attended a housewarming at a friends flat – it is beautiful. Really beautiful – an old converted Mill, with tonnes of original features – it reminded me of the beautiful place I lived with the ex. Only about 4’x the size!

We managed to party through the night, (well I say we did, I had a sambuca induced nap half way through the party, but we’ll ignore that one) and after I had fought off the hangover that threatened to ruin my day I popped out to meet an old old friend I hadn’t seen in about 5 years and take a few snaps. There is nothing more satisfying than accomplishing something on a day you thought would be a right off! 

Get ready for loads of pics!
There was Fake DJ-ing

5.30am Rooftop Photo

Love this Graffiti. 




Royal Mills

Hall Lights

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