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I know it’s super early to be posting about this, but I have some decisions that need making about Christmas gifts. Last year I made a series of gifts and packaged them for my friends. It wasn’t a quick process, but I liked to think of it as a little christmas hamper.

Last years gifts

But I’m just not sure if the time and effort I put into it was fully appreciated by everyone, so the dilemma I have is whether to do this again this year?

And that’s a question for you all – would you prefer a, series of handmade gifts that might not all have meaning to you or something that might be a little smaller, but has been bought/crafted just for you?


  1. Handmade/Homemade gifts are always my favourite, so I'd pick that over shop bought pretty much every time. Something made just for me would probably feel most special, but then again if it's Christmas then that's sometimes just not possible time-wise, and a series of handmade gifts is still great to receive, even if they don't all have a personal meaning, because you know the gift-giver put their time, effort and thought into it 🙂

    1. I'm hoping, if I start now, I might be able to hand make gifts for the important people. I think that'll probably mean I rush through the last few gifts and only half make them.

  2. I LOVE THIS and did something similar for my parents last year (with crafted bits too) and considered doing it this year and for more people this time. My concern is a)what to do in a different way this year b) those people that dont like homemade things (family) and would be unable to hide their disappointment at not getting a computer game/what they asked for etc etc. It makes me sad! xxx

    1. Thats one of my concerns – what to make as a series again – i know i could do foodie gifts again, but thats kind of more the boys angle than mine. And i know a few of the gifts were just thrown in a corner and never used.

  3. Personally I would like either as I appreciate whatever people make or do for me. It shows that they care so much as to think about me enough to give me a gift.

  4. I love what you did last year! I'm very inspired to do something similar for my folks! A bit of a Christmas hamper with all different foodie bits in there.

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