Forge contemporary arts, craft and design fair

You might remember I was helping to organise Forge craft fair with my WI. Well. It happened. And it was a resounding success, if we do say so ourselves. One of our members, Laura, took some amazing pics that I wanted to share here because I am so proud of the work everyone put into the event. And I probably shouldn’t have been, but I thought I’d best do my bit and make a few purchases – they were mainly presents for people, but it still made me happy. And on an even better note we managed to raise quite a bit of money for both our charity, Roundabout, and our WI group through the actual fair, our raffle and cake sales (again – I might have helped bump up the profits there too!) So here is an unashamedly photo heavy post showing just how awesome the event was. 


  1. It was a great event. Well done!

    Rebecca at My Pretty Yorkshire Life. Member and owner of Yorkshire Bloggers

  2. Oh my gosh those brownies look delicious…I'm eating lunch right now but you're somehow making me hungry!

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