Filling some time.

Jim went to India again earlier this week. Its been a while since his last trip and this one is only a short stay but none the less I’ve been thinking of all the stuff that I want to try and accomplish whilst he is away. I have a habit of setting myself unrealistic lists of achievements for his time away (One trip saw me transform 2 rooms of the house – painting, carpeting, and relocating furniture to creating a living room and dining room!), but this time I’m going to be a bit more sensible about it I mean, I only have 3 weeks – which is no time at all – not nearly enough to achieve anything significant.

So, in the couple of weeks I have to myself, I’m planning to;

  • Make my first proper quilt. Or attempt to. Well, start it at least! I have all the bits, I just need to sew it all now.
  • Get to grips fully with my new job. 
  • Read. I have too many books laying about unread for my liking.
  • Figure out a sensible way to store our winter woolies – hats and scarves and gloves need a good home. I ‘thought’ about this last winter and never got round to it. This year might be the year I do it.
  • Tidy up and reorganise and create a better way of storing the things that live on top of our kitchen cupboards.
  • Spend a lot of time cuddling Flash
  • Get a few house plants – I’ve loved the gardening this summer, so lets bring it inside this winter.
  • Finish off a couple of little sewing projects for friends.
  • And maybe if I have the time, get round to glossing the wood in the hallway. It’s been laying unpainted for ages. Really, it’s been ages – maybe a year!

Nothing too hard but maybe a bit time consuming.

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