This summer I have so many weddings to go to – my friends haven’t, in the past, been in the habit of getting married, Katie’s last year was the first.

But this year I have 4. The biggest of which is the boy’s sisters weddings in September.

And I need help.

I want to look lovely. Gorgeous in fact {but obviously, not more gorgeous than the bride} and it’s in Portugal, set above the beach, so I need something appropriate for that!

I have started putting together a pinterest board – but so far Anthro seems to have hi-jacked it. I can not get enough of their dresses {I just worry that they REALLY wont suit me and I am silly getting my heart set on them}……..But here is my wishlist so far;

If you have seen any nice dresses. If you know of any nice online stores. If you can point me in the direction of any Etsy stores. Please do. I need help. Lots of it.


  1. Thanks Helen, you are so right DP's do have some nice dresses. I never look in there either. Thanks you. x

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