Dressing up.

My brother gets married just before christmas and I’ve been told I need to look wonderful, but dressy dress shopping just doesn’t come natural to me, I’m much more comfortable in my jeans. And crazily, for once I have a bit of cash to splash on something, but I just can’t figure out what I want. 
I’m terrified of looking frumpy, or huge, and I’d love something a bit cool, but its just so hard to do with my body shape {big boobs, expanding waistline, ok legs!}
If anyone can help me, point me in the right direction of websites to visit, or find me a personal shopper who’ll just do it for me, please shout. 
And just so you know how serious I am I’ve made a pinboard {of course I have. Have you met me before?}


  1. I really love that first dress. (I have a big boobs, a short torso and legs that aren't particularly long, so I find that dresses that are above the knee with a defined, higher waist work best on me.) Good luck, E.! xoxo

  2. I second that the first dress is beautiful, my advice emma, get your self into any decent clothes shop, with a (free) personal shopper and ask for advice, most will offer tips and advice on body shape. Look at brands and styles, Biba (my fave) have simple, classic and understated designs.

    Don't feel pressured into buying anything right away, think about it and work out the other accessories before making your final decision.

    Alternatively you could get a stylist to help you, I had help from the fabulous, natasha lyons natashalyons.co.uk/about-me

    Hope that helps lovely xXx

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