dreaming of decorating.

With a move to the boys house on the cards, I have started thinking about ways to put my stamp on the house. As is my prerogative in this situation, I think. 
The house, in my eyes, needs quite a lot of cosmetic work. It has been cared for and decorated by boys on the whole. There are areas that I have had a hand in that are acceptable, but the rest of it was decorated by the last occupiers who thought that yellow and red were great colours for carpets and walls! 

So I have started thinking about how I am going to make the house pretty. This in turn means that I get to start looking at design blogs and pretty pictures of houses and have a purpose to it. It means I can start to dream about how the house would be if it was left up to me. {It won’t be, I realise the boy might want a little say, but I can try my hardest to influence it and get girlie things in there}. For this dreaming I have turned to Pinterest. Oh, how I love pinterest.

I have a board newly created for the items and inspiration just for the boy’s house. This is mostly things we WILL need {yes, we will need a chandelier} 

And yes, there is a lot of Ikea malm there, but the boy has a malm bed so it’s just cheaper and easier to go with that. But I plan on some little fancy touches to make things special. 

And I have a board, Home, created a while ago for Pin it Forwards, with dream home inspiration. This is my turn to board for when I get to think the house will have a ma-heees-ive kitchen and space for a mud room and 5 bedrooms I can paint in different shades to have my friends stay in and say how pretty they are; 

So, do you have any thoughts on inspirational sites/pinboards i should be looking at? do you have any good hidden gems of home decorating shops that are based in the UK? Do you have any ideas how to get a boy to accept a chandelier? 

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