Counting down

When I was little* we always had an advent calendar, usually one of those cheap chocolate ones, but an advent none the less.
And when I moved out I bought a fabulous M&S number – little stockings that fit perfectly over the fireplace like this one and can be filled with treats. But I thought it might be time to investigate some other cool advent options;

The Whisky Advent – it’s a little pricey but tres cool. If I had the cash, one for my dad, defo! 
The obligatory Star Wars Lego one. I say Meh, but I am sure the boy would love it. 
This Selfridges Beauty Advent – A little pricey, but how wonderful would it be. 

This Hotel Chocolat one has 2 chocolates in it – in case I fancy sharing, or eating 2 treats a day.
And now for my all time fav – seriously, I am having to talk myself OUT of buying this. {But I am pretty sure it would be the best money I spent all Christmas – at least I’d be pretty merry} 

And finally, the perfect one for me, Following from last years 1mtr x 1 mtr Gin Blog advent, they’ve come up with the more  manageable sized Ginvent

UPDATE: After a little twitter chat with friends and readers I have a couple more advents to show you;

The Lakeland cracker nativity as suggested by @fayBerg

The Tea Advent. Not being a tea drinker, Ginvent is defo more up my street, but @bish_a_lish is pretty excited for this one! 

Do you have an advent calendar still? And which one would you choose? Would you want chocolate still, or a toy, or would you join me on the booze?

*until I was about 25!


  1. I am totally with you on the boozy Advent calendars! I'm not sure I'd survive the season with all of my brain cells, but I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to give it a try. Maybe next year…

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