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This Friday we went to the Christmas PechaKucha in Sheffield. Our friend helps organise it and a couple of our other friends were going down, so when our Friday night plans cancelled we decided to head down. I’m not really sure what to make of it – the set up gives 6 people the chance to present – they have 20 slides and can talk on each for 20 seconds. I think maybe I need to attend a non-christmas, I’m not sure but maybe some of the people presenting might not have prepared quite as well as they might have as it was such an ‘easy’ topis {and I heard a few people say the last one was better} But we stayed about and had a few drinks and watched the snow decent.
Saturday saw the boy shopping for his first snowboard {exciting times!} and a trip to Manchester for a 30th birthday at the Blackdog Ballroom. I was so not dressed for Manchester. Jeans and a top might be pool playing attire but they most definitely aren’t 1am Manchester bar attire. Still, it was a great night.
And  Sunday night the boy got a delivery of a big black dog – Marley – he stayed with us last new years whist our friends went on a ski holiday. This time they’re on their honeymoonand he has the dog for 2 weeks. He’s a little bit mental, looks a bit like a terridactyl but is very cuddly and likes to climb into bed with you. I’m kind of gutted I won’t be there to play with him…..
And on to this week. There is a lot to do. We have our Christmas party this week with work, and also the girls the housemate and I used to work with at Quiksilver are visiting on Saturday, and then it’s the IronCupcake:Leeds on Sunday.
So this week’s commitments are;
  • Plough on with my Spanish Civil War book. It’s one of my 29things. But the book is so touch, I’m struggling.
  • Make truffles for the girls visiting on Saturday. And for my Food+Foto class.
  • Start some Christmas shopping. I have bought 2 of the many gifts I have to get so far. But on the plus side all my wrapping accessories are sorted.
  • Write a blog post for work.
  • Not to drink shots! I have no clue when to stop once I have had two, so the best plan is to resist all together.  

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