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{Sorry for the bad picture – the Iphone doesn’t like the nighttime}
The boy came back from India yesterday. It is so nice to have him back. Even if he does drive me mad with his football watching. We went to Pho 68 for salt and pepper squid to celebrate his return. I might love their salt and pepper squid more than anything. 

I am also super excited that this week I shall have my DSLR back. The boy borrowed it for his India trip and he took some great snaps, but I have missed it. I feel less self concious taking snaps from bhind the ‘big’ camera than my point and shoot. Is that odd?

And he brought me the most beautiful bracelet. What do you think? 

This week, I shall be;

  • Trying to get my Pay It Forwards gifts together. Lizzie brought me MY gift. A delicious tomato and red pepper relish. And I finally got all the bits I need to make everything so  I WILL GET THEM FINISHED THIS WEEK! If I don’t get them posted this week – I expect one of you to have words with me. Ok?
  • Diet starts March 1st. I weighed myself this weekend and I have a stone to lose. Not this week. But the goal is that I shall be a stone lighter by June 22nd {Glastonbury to those of you not going} Thats my summer holiday so I shall be thin for then. The boy is joining me on this mission too. 
  • Read. Read. Read. I feel I need to read at the moment. I want to just curl up with books and not move. 


  1. Good luck with the healthy lifestyle … I started yesterday!! The thing I find hard, is staying motivated. I'm too impatient! LOL.

    Love the bracelet and NO you're not weird.. I recently got my SLR and I can't remember life without it! haha!

  2. It's a lovely bracelet – how nice of him!! I actually want to swap our big camera for a small one that is easier to carry about with me, I feel really self-conscious with a big one! I know how you feel about the books, I'm going to settle down and read a bit now before bed! Good luck with the healthy diet x

  3. Bailey – I am finding the healthy thing super hard at the moment – there is too much chocolate at work for my liking……

    Nic – i think its easier to hide behind the big camera, almost as if i feel like i have more right to take photo's of a slightly 'artier' nature or crowd shots if I have the SLR.

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