Committing to

Ah, the free time that I have now I have nothing to imminent plan/make for. Bliss.

Oh, but that’s so not true. Next week is my very good friend Sammy’s 30th birthday {this might be a phrase I write a lot this year – everyone is turning 30 – it’s the new age to be!} and I have a gift or two to craft for her before Saturday. Also, since I can’t make her planned party, I thought I might make her a little cake. Just to say sorry.  

It is also the boy’s mums birthday the week after. It is one of the big ones too {and the reason I can’t attend Sam’s party!} We know what gift we are getting her, but we are also attending a ball in Bath. Day one is a fancy dinner, for which I have some serious dress dry cleaning to do, and day two is a fancy dress ball – the theme is stations. We {the boy and I and his sister and her husband} are going as a series of tube stations – High Barnett, Elephant & Castle and Angel. I am Angel, so I need something suitable to wear for that.

So, with the above in mind, this weeks commitments look slightly more like a to-do list you’d find written on a scrap of paper, than commitments, but that’s how it is;

  • Get blue dresses dry cleaned.
  • Finish making Sam’s birthday gift.
  • Bake Sam a birthday cake.
  • Do physio exercises EVERY day.

And here’s one for a little bit of fun;

  • Give my new sewing machine a whirl. Wooooooooooohooooooooooo. 
P.s 3rd post of the day. Don’t get used to this. But I clearly had a lot to say after this weekend. 

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