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This weekend I made my very first cheesecake. We went for dinner at some of the boys friends on Saturday and he was tasked with desert. But since football takes over Saturdays, and friends took over Friday night, it was up to me to step in and do it. I think he had envisaged making some masterpiece, but I didn’t have much time so cheesecake it was.

I had a few other little bits to get done so I headed to my parents to use their printer, label collection and their more well equip kitchen magimix. {And I feel like someone I have never met before saying this, but how I loved that magimix. I just kept throwing more stuff in it to blitz because it was so much fun!}

The cheesecake was a little, erm, what’s the word – cloying maybe? – and I don’t think I have ever consumed so many calories as there were in one mouthful of that badboy, and it kind of stuck your mouth together, but it was nice. I just think my next attempt at a cheesecake might be a lighter one.

Right, here are my Commitments;

  • Take lunches to work – rather than buying them, which I have been doing. {On a Monday I generally have to since I travel from the boy’s house and we aren’t that organised – but the rest of the week will be home made!}
  • Get a crafting space organised in my room. Or just organise my room. Whichever is easier!
  • Start on a social media/WOM marketing plan for my brothers business – plan in the next 6 months of things he needs to start doing.
  • Start on my back exercises in case the new years snowboarding trip comes off. If it does – I don’t have an awful long time to get it working 😉

Last week I made the commitment to get myself down to the ‘Bun & Roses’ meet. I have to tell you I failed. I’d been out at the Gaslight Anthem the night before and I felt super bad that I’d be leaving the housemate alone, {and I know she would have hated the idea of going to it} again so I stayed home as I don’t want to leave her alone too much. And now I regret it. Lots. It looked and sounded like a great night. Grrrrrrrr. 


  1. I've never gone to B&R either, I was scared to at first, I'm not now but have another reason for not going…which is an equally silly one but i feel wholly justified with…

    My commitments this week are:

    practise my sign language EVERY day
    read more

  2. I would love to know a skill like sign language.
    And I am super intrigued by your silly reason for not having gone – I have so many silly reasons for not doing things though. I am glad someone else does……

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