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This weekend was unseasonable quiet. But deliberately so. I have a holiday to spend all my cash on in less than a week. I need to try and save some now.

The housemate and I had a ‘if my 21 year old self could see my now’ moment on Friday night. We were drinking Rioja {unthinkable for either of us white wine drinkers even a year ago} we wrapped gifts and she sewed her Christmas ‘do’ outfit and I baked cookies and died my hair*. All whilst watching Ghostbusters 2! 
It was a Friday night. Yes, we were confused by our actions too.

The boy came over on Saturday {after his Christmas ‘Do’}. He was a mess so we spent a pretty lovely evening watching bad films and gossiping on the sofa. We never get time alone, so it was lovely to have a night just us.

Sunday was mummy birthday time. Her birthday is the 22nd so it tends to get a little lost in Christmas, but we went for a lunch and spent some time with her and then packed the board bag for next week! Its so close I’m trying to hold off my excitement so I can see Christmas.

Right onto this week’s commitments;
  • Get a wriggle on in posting my Reberb10 posts. I’m a little behind. Just a little.
  • Sort. Pack. Wash. Pack. {I need to be packed and fully sorted on Thursday night.}
  • Make the last of the Christmas gifts I am hand crafting. If you receive one, just pretend you like it. Ok.
  • Eat. Drink. Be Merry.


*On the hair dye front – I was dying it a shade darker – not a wonderful bright colour, but I used the new John Freida foam one. {It kind of felt like a kick back to the Wella colour mousse days of 1996, but I wasn’t dying my hair bright red so it was ok.} But it was super easy, and washed out really easily. And I’m pretty pleased with the colour it came out. Just in case you’re thinking of dying your hair. Plus, there was a mistake at the till in Boots so it was £6 rather than £10. Bonus. 


  1. Rach – I was a massive fan of the chilli colour mousse. it saw me through 4th and 5th year at school.

    Helen – It wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but I'd totally forgotten the story line. And yes, hols will be great – just got to get through this week.

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