Committing to….

Image by – Tracey Lau

This week I have some major work to do. It’s the BIG 30 on friday and I planned this silly party months and months ago, with a ‘Apres Ski’ theme. I say I planned it, but what is did was design and send out some invites and then do nothing for a good few months. So this week I have 90 large foam snowflakes to make use of, decorations to fashion, ski-shots to make, things to bake and make, 11 people to house, cleaning to do, play-lists to create and an outfit to find……….And I only have 3 nights to do it in. Luckily I am home alone so I have a lot of space to do it in and no-one to question my choices. 

So there is only one commitment this week; 

  • To pull my finger out and get this party sorted. 
This should be a fun, slightly sleep deprived week, as it’s a bit manic at work too! 

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