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From my soup making this weekend.

This weekend was a fun one. I spent Friday night with my housemate and Saturday pottering about before a trip to the German Market {it opened this weekend}. A ‘one drink’ catch-up turned into lots and lots of drinks and some singing along to the Umpha band. Which resulted in a massive hangover at 5.30am. And then IronCupcake:Leeds savoury competition on Sunday. I didn’t enter with the Cheese and Spring Onion cakes I practised with – the boy came over and we made Chorizo and Walnut cakes with wholemeal flour, we also added a Red Onion Chutney filling and a Camembert frosting. We didn’t win, but it was fun and the boy got to sample 15 savoury cakes, which I think he enjoyed! Next month is Festive, so I have my thinking cap on already! 

But on to the things I am committing to this week;

  • Drag my ass along to the Buns and Roses meet this week. I have been contemplating going for such a long time and I’ve bottled it each time – I am not sure what to expect, and I’ve never met anyone who attends, but I just need to go……it can’t be that scary!
  • Bake something pretty and tasty for Souvenir Foto School
  • Start on my christmas crafting projects. I’m sure to run out of time, so I just need to get on it.
  • Pictures Pictures Pictures. Take more pictures. 

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  1. i just want to say "buns and roses" all the time — it sounds so cute! i would totally go with you! 🙂

    great list, as usual. xo

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