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Yes, Yes, I know this is usually a Monday thing but a super busy day coupled with a staying over boyfriend, who wanted to watch the Man U – Arsenal and could only do it on the computer meant this is the first chance I have had to get to the computer.
This weekend was my second anniversary with the boy. We didn’t really have anything planned, as there was meant to be a meal on the boys road, but various event collided and meant the meal didn’t happen, so we went out for dinner, and then for a few drinks which was absolutely lovely. But I have spent the last 7 days in the throws of some sort of man flu so I might not have been the most upbeat version of myself!

So moving on, here are my commitments this week;

  • Embrace Christmas a little more – get a tree, get a bit excited for it, get some mulled wine maybe? It kind of feels like it is happening, but not to me. Does that make sense?
  • Start some planning for the boxing day snow holiday.
  • Continue on the quest to find Brownstone. If you know where I can get a free download of it please let me know  {I just don’t have the cash for the official version}
  • And maybe give Megan’s fantastic commitment a go too. 


  1. I feel a bit like Christmas isn't happening either. I have barely started my shopping and we don't have a tree yet… Hopefully I too can embrace the holiday over the next few days. I love your mulled wine idea!

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