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Hi, my names Emma and I am an addict. An Entourage addict.
Being home alone, boyfriend on the other side of the world and housemate on holiday, I took the opportunity to catch up with Entourage and somehow managed to get through a LOT of it. And I am completely, utterly addicted. I have been told that’s strange as it’s a boys SATC, but I don’t care. And I don’t think I can wait to see what happens in series 7 – I might have to download it. See – Addict!

But all this time home alone also gave me a lot of time to get crafty {my housemate totally doesn’t understand my love of making stuff} so I tried my hand at a new pattern or two on my sewing machine. I took over the front room with cotton and thread and offcut bits of fabric. I’d love to post the details here but one of the creations is a definite prototype for my friend Lizzy’s birthday gift {which I know is months away, but I got excited and thought I would try the pattern}. I also visited my friend Sammy at her new house and we discussed her new business over wine and cheese! Yum!

But onto this week;

  • Brush up on my baby chatting skills for when I go to visit Lizzy, Leo and baby Brody this weekend. Can not wait to see them all.
  • Write my book review for January’s 30 things book – Restless. And get started on reading my February book – Alone in Berlin.
  • I need to try and be more tolerant of the housemate. Yes she smokes in the house. Yes she won’t shut up – ever. Yes she tells me graphic details of her love life – but tolerance is the key!
  • Not buy anything other than essential food. This spending curfew needs to be taken seriously.
  • Do my physio exercises at least once a day. 
  • TAKE SOME PHOTO’S – I have been so slack it’s untrue. 


  1. I love Entourage. Once summer the husband and I watched 6 seasons. One of the best shows on TV. Also amazing? Californication.

  2. Megan – Its challenging me this week, but I am showing much tolerance this week. I have impressed myself…..

    Ange – I am soooooooooooo addicted. To the point where I have Season 7 downloaded but i am trying to ration my viewing…….

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