Committing to

Our dog-sitting wards

This last week was half spent at my brothers house dog
sitting, which was lovely as their house is beautiful. And massive. It needs to
be massive though to house the huge dogs they have. They are the most stupid
dogs though, they bark at anything and nothing and wind each other up so much
that they just end up randomly barking at each other. It did make us both decide
we defo want a dog.

And my brother got engaged whist he was away. The ring is
beautiful. They seem stupidly happy. Apparently he picked the ring. I smell a
rat. My brother has never had that good taste!

I also entered this month’s Ironcupcake:Leeds with a Lemon
sponge and Berry frosting cake. The theme was ‘very berry’. I didn’t place – I think
due to a frosting malfunction – but I was the photographer and I had a lovey
time – I was a little disappointed at the numbers of eaters though as there
were no cakes left over for me to try – I only got to sample one cake. Next month
the theme is cocktails and I have one ‘go-to’ recipe but I might try another
recipe for a whole different cocktail and see if I like it more.  

This week my commitments are; 

  • Start some exercising – my neighbour, lizzie, text me to
    tell me she wants to start exercising when they get back from their hols this week, and can I help her. TBH my lardy ass
    needs to get off the sofa so I am copying her a version of the ‘30 day shred’
    on to a memory stick and I have found us a couch to 5k plan and I am hoping
    that a little peer pressure might keep me motivated. Although the belly I am
    cultivating ought to be enough.
  • I have some cowgirl cupcakes to bake for the wild west party
    on Saturday. Oh, and an outfit to find! {Obviously baking will help with the lardy ass thing!}
  • I also have to contain me jealously at the boy going to see
    Snoop on Friday. Gutted. But it’s a boy thing. All I can say is he best be fit for the party on Saturday too!

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  1. great commitments! i just started up spinning classes again and am so happy i did — it's funny how much better you feel when you exercise.

    also, those pupsters are really super cute.


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