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The last week was a strange one – I was bunny sitting for a friend so I wasn’t home so much so I was living in someone else’s space. Don’t you find it strange when you have to do that. I didn’t have enough of my things with me so I kept having to go backwards and forwards for little bits. But on the other side it was lovely to just have a little time with the boy without the rest of the world being there. He might not agree but what does he know? 

We went to the bonfire at a local pub, which if I am honest had the most pathetic fireworks display ever, but we sat outside {yes, in Nov} and drank Winter Pimms and gossiped with my housemate. And we watched Xfactor {Paige to win?} and went to the farmers market and checked out snowboards.

But this week I am home, so I get to get back into my life. Here are my bits I am committing to;

  • Figure out what to make in this month’s Iron Cupcake competition. It’s savoury. What to make?
  • Start thinking about little DIY gifts for Christmas – we have some friends coming to visit at the start of December so it needs thinking about.
  • Figure out which resorts have snow that can be ridden at Christmas/New Years – just in case we make it out over the holidays.
  • Sort out my eating again. I have been trying on and off for weeks but things keep getting in the way, so I need to keep to a weeks worth of goodness – no meat/chocolate/alcohol {until the weekend} – just veg and fruits and things. I am feeling all lethargic and it’s not making me happy. 


  1. I love this picture!!! Question though: what kin of a farmers market stocks snowboards? :-S


    ps congrats on the holgarama comp! xx

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