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Megan at tres cool Pink’o’clock starts the week with a set of commitments to herself – little things that she thinks will make her happier and more accountable for her life that week, and you know what – I think it’s a fab idea – more often than not I find I have reached to the end of a week and I’m not entirely sure what I have done or achieved!

They’re not massive huge plans, like climb a mountain, or write a novel, just really achievable things. This week she has commitments like get better from her cold, keep the house clean, finish her book and spend a lot of time outside {which I guess is a great idea if you, like Megan, live in Florida – here in the ever increasingly cold Yorkshire that might not be a great plan!}

So for the first time {and a day late} my commitments this week are;
  • Eat a little healthier. The last week has been spent with the boy at mine so the food has been quite meaty, rich and in large boy portions. This week I shall be back to salads and veg and soups that don’t give me any guilt to eat. 
  • Use the cute little loaf tin (that I purchased so the boy could make a yummy meat loaf) to make something sweet.
  • Drink in the time I have with my visiting friends and their new little baby boy {and get some snaps – my mum would never forgive me otherwise!}
  • Go for at least one run. 


  1. aw, thank you so much for the blog-love! i love yours, too. 🙂 and what great commitments, too!


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