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Apologies for the shoddy pics but I can’t find my computer cable for my camera {which has some WAY better shots on it.} They will follow as I was kind of proud of this one. 

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but I’m back and getting back into the swing of things and back to normality.
This weekend the boy and I did pretty much nothing – which is super unusual as we’re normally running about everywhere. We went for a few drinks with my work on Friday night which was nice. Once we were home though, it was a case of getting up late, playing computer games and watching football {him} and not getting up super early, baking and catching up with blog-land {me} and the both of us just generally chilling out. My housemate was at work all weekend so we could really just vegetate and not worry about anyone else until the evenings.  

It also gave me the chance to put my new cupcake maker to the test. It was a christmas gift from my parent and whilst I wasn’t sure that i’d be totally up for it as it felt a little like cheating but it was super easy and heated up in about half the time the oven takes. Plus I still had to amke all the cake batter and frosting and the likes, so its not cheating really is it? 
To start with I made some cheese and chive cakes to go with the soup we were having for lunch, just to test it out really as they are the easiest to just throw together and leave. Then I made some Cherry Bakewell cakes for my entry into the IronCupcake:Leeds competition last night. {People were very complimentary about my cakes and their almond-y taste, but I didn’t place 🙁 – oh well, it’s the taking part that counts!}

  • It’s my apt with the knee specialist this week. My main commitment will be to take what he says on board. I have been to see a couple of these people in the past but I’ll be the first person to admit maybe I’ve not exactly heeded their warnings on what not to do. This time if they give me exercises I am going to do them. If they tell me I’m not to do something. I’ll have a good think about taking their words to heart!
  • I also want to get my next list finished this week.The old list has some incomplete goals, and there are some I’m going to carry over, but I quite fancy another list next year.
  • And I need to start planning for this stupid birthday party that I’ve arranged and now, if I am totally honest, has caught me by surprise. It was months ago. How did it get so close?  

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