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This weekend was one of those boring kind of weekends. It was spent not doing a lot and getting frustrated by the fact I accomplished nothing. I was at the boys, so the space isn’t mine to take over, which gets annoying. I don’t yet have the right to take over the kitchen to bake or have any of my things there so when I get bored at the football which is inevitably being shown, there is nothing I can do about it. It kind of put me in a weird funk. But I did do the visiting my nan thing, we had lunch and she made a trifle. I am not a massive trifle fan, and being in the process of dieting I was slightly alarmed to see it, but hey, it made her happy so I haven’t mentioned the diet. Plus there is a LOT of fruit {and sherry for that matter} in there so it cant all be bad!
I got a call I have been anticipating too – my little brother and his girlfriend just bought a bar where they live. It is tres exciting for him – this is something he’s always wanted and the thing I always said I’d get him if I won the lottery! {If I win now, since he has that, I guess he wont need anything!}. And I am hoping it’ll be a constant source of free g&t’s for me in return for some website help. 

This weeks commitments are as follows; 

  • Figure out my IronCupcake:Leeds entry cake. I have a few ideas but nothing concrete. And nothing that will be that easy to create either right now. 
  • Find something for the dad-who-has-everything’s birthday. I am guessing it’ll be either something boaty/blue/foodie. It isn’t for a couple of weeks yet, but if you have any dad worthy thoughts, let me know. 
  • Try and do some exercise. The physio told me no running, so I have to find something else that is free, but I need to be doing something. Maybe I need to start on the yoga again? 


  1. Everybody knows fruit and sherry are health foods, anyway. 😉

    How are things going with the knee rehab?

  2. How about giving Dad something sentimental? Like photo frames with great memories or compile a book of all your/family favourite recipes 😉

  3. Malc – I def will NOT be buying my dad porn. Shhhhhhhhh and eat some more cream eggs please.

    Keenie – knee rehab is stalling. the physio was costing me a fortune so I am working on the exercises he gave me and waiting for a nhs apt. But yes – fruit & sherry have proved to be super healthy.

    Bailey – Good idea. I have been on to my brother to try and get some thoughts on what we could do that's personalised.he's been no use however so I am back to thinking myself about it.

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