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The boy is on holiday snowboarding, with a few of the boys I used to snowboard with {I am not bitter or anything, honest} so I had the weekend to myself, which meant haircuts with my wonderful hairdresser, before a)I move and b)she has her bambino and It meant a night of trying and failing at sewing projects and movies. 
I also visited my mum for Mothers day, with a little project I’d made for. We’d planned lunch at my brothers place but it was too busy so we had to go to the hotel my nan loves. I am not really a sunday lunch kind of gal, but once every so often I’ll tolerate it. If just for the desserts, mmmmmmm, puddings. 

But right, this week here are my commitments; 

  • I started level 2 of the 30 day shred at the start of last week and that’s as far as I got. I did 2 days of it and haven’t really done it since. 5x’s this week is the aim. 
  • I have been working my through the ‘Do What You Love’ course. I think I need to be more present on the site though and interact more. 
  • I have some work to do for the new agency on a project I’ll hopefully be working on for them. 
  • April is Green month for French Fries and Pancakes photo colour month thingy – so TAKE GREEN PHOTO’S!
  • And its the Iron Cupcake on Sunday – The theme is seeds and nuts, and I have a couple of ideas – but I am a little strapped for cash this month, what with the move and the likes, so I might not be able to make my creations 🙁 

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