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Lanterns in the Park @ Glasto

I wanted to get back to this. I felt like I needed to get back to some regular blogging. It’s all been a bit haphazard since I moved.

This weekend we went to Manchester for a chocolate making class with the boy’s mum. It was fun, messy and very calorific. More to come on this later. We also had a BBQ at his Mum’s – There is nothing better than a cold cider and a BBQ on a sunny evening.
There was also a trip to Ikea for some curtains, bye-bye 4am and your sunshine. And not only do the new additions block the light out, BUT they match the room which means the bedroom is pretty much done. Maybe I’ll show you some pictures soon.

This week we’re heading to my brother and his girlf’s house to dog-sit whilst they are away for her birthday. We will be in charge of 2 massive Labradors and whatever type of dog Molly is. Their house is huge, the kitchen is so much bigger than ours, so I imagine the boy will be having a dream time in there, plus he can’t wait to spend some time with the dogs. It’ll be like practise for when we get one {did I mention we might have changed our minds to a Puggle?}

Right, without further ado this weeks commitments are; 

  • Find some plants to fill the spaces made by the neighbours gardening spree whilst we were at Glasto – is there anything better than your neighbours weeding for you? I think not. I want pretty, low maintenance and if possible nice smelling. Any ideas?
  • Try to stop getting so annoyed at living with boys – living with one messy boyf and one boy who is about as far removed from someone I would choose to live with doesn’t go down well sometimes. At least I can nag the boy to be tidier. The other housemate however can’t be asked to do anything and doesn’t appear to contribute to the house, which makes it difficult. 
  • Try and use this time with the dogs for some long walks to kick start a bit of exercise. I have done none for such a  long time and I am becoming a bit of a chubba. Who knows, I might even think about running again. One day.  
  • Have at least 2 early, in-bed-pre-10.30pm, nights. I am so sleepy at the moment. 

So, there we go. Maybe, just maybe, I will get back to some regular posting now. 


  1. Re: the plants – busy lizzies and fuschias are low maintenance, cheap and come in lots of colours. Sweetpeas flower like nobody's business when happy and smell delicious. Also for nice smelling,lemon balm is ace and grows super quick. Mint is great too but will take over so best to contain its roots or plant in a pot. It also has added advantage of being useful for cooking (and, of course, mojitos).

  2. Lurve the lanterns photo!

    Cool – you and the boy get to enjoy a break in the big house away from the messy housemate while doing your brother a favor as well. Everybody wins!

  3. Helen – Fuschias were one of the plants my nan suggested too. and hydrangeas too. we have a sweetpea but it is taking over a little. i think it needs a little containing……but the lemon balm is also a good call. thank you.

    Keenie – Thank you – the pic was a drunken Glasto shot. And yes – Am already loving the space without anyone else there.

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