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It’s time to make the biggest choice of all when it comes to the festival.

What camera to take?

Do I forego the beautiful images with the 50mm lensed DSLR in case it is a washout and I can’t keep it dry? The P&S just doesn’t have the same effect. it’s a great party camera but it has shocking abilities to change the focal length…..but it’s more throw in a bag-able!

And then what other camera do I take?
The holga did me well last year. And the Octomat just reared it’s {red} head. I might give it to the boy so he can get some analogue action in?
Or should I stock up on fuji instax mini film?

Who would have thought this would be the most challenging decision of the whole festival packing affair?


  1. I really really want to take my DSLR but I fear I'd break it or lose it or get it stolen.

    Is the Instax Mini any good? I've always wanted one!

    Think I'm just going to take my point and shoot but now you've got me thinking about taking my Diana!

    Argh. So many things to consider!

  2. Also a big decision in our household…. Phil is taking his fancy Lumix (pretty sure he bought it just for that reason as its small), I'll take my p&s Lumix as its better at night and then a Holga or 5 plus maybe something else, Lomo? No taking the Instax, too heavy and bulky.

  3. Katie, what Lumix do you have? Mine is awful at night with out the flash on – that's kind of the reason i am contemplating the DSLR…….

    But yes, Helen, if I do take it I am scared I'll break it 🙁

    And the instax might be a bit bulky for Glasto, but they are loads of fun.

    And Lomo is the way forwards for Glasto I think. xo

  4. My point&shoot is the TZ6 – all those Gorillaz pics were taken with that in a very dark club, its managed to impress me multiple times. The Lomo is nice and small but manages to take beautiful pics, esp black & white ones…. so so far thats 4 cameras between 2 of us….. hmmmm……

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